Umbrella Liability


Umbrella Protection

Umbrella liability insurance, or excess liability, is purchased separately from your insurance policy. It covers you going above and beyond your other policies if and when they run out, giving you an extra layer of protection. For example, if you have a general liability policy set for $1 million and it runs out, then your purchased umbrella policy, set for $2 million dollars, will kick in giving you a total of $3 million in total coverage. As a homeowner, you can include this with home and auto coverage or as a business owner, combine this with a commercial liability policy.

Bluffview Insurance Agency agents are ready to get your personal or commercial property set up with any extra coverage you think is acceptable. We’ll cover all the ins and outs and answer any questions that may arise during our initial meeting. We want to make sure that you’re comfortable and protected in the coverage you have with extra protection necessary for your home or business. For more information regarding Umbrella Liability insurance, give us a call at 608-779-0633 or request a quote today.

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