Business Auto Insurance


Personal and Business Vehicles Covered Here

Business auto insurance provides either full or liability coverage for a driver and passengers if they sustain injury or damage while operating a company vehicle. It’s an extra cushion of coverage on the vehicle since an employee is using it mostly for work-related errands. This insurance can cover all types of vehicles, from sedans to trucks and even larger motorized equipment. It is also customizable based on how the company uses the vehicle, whether it is purchased by the company, an employee’s personal car, or even rented and leased automobiles.

No matter what type of vehicle you or your company has, let Bluffview Insurance Agency do the searching for you to find the best business auto insurance that covers it all. We’ll make sure it fits and suits your needs at the best price because you deserve the best value. For more information regarding Business Auto insurance, give us a call at 608-779-0633 or request a quote today.

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